Getting in some "Sister Bonding Time"

Concentrating and Sharing

Barry showing Russell how NOT to poke his finger.

Stringing popcorn for the garland on our tree each year is one of my favorite traditions.

We started doing this the first year that Barry and I lived together. Our first Yuletide. I had found a string of red wooden beads at a local discount dollar store. I thought that they would be perfect with the red and green wooden ordnaments that I also found. But there was only 1 string left. I couldn’t find another strand for our tree, that was in our budget. Even as small as it was, I would need 3 or 4 strands. So I clipped them apart – Popped some popcorn – and made the strand stretch aroudn the tree, on thread.

We have done this every year for the last 20 years – except for the year that we were living with Momma and Daddy, having just moved here to Florida that year, and pregnant with Rebecca. I keep the red beads in a wicker basket. Yep the orginial strand of them, mixed in with a strand I bought the year of Rebecca’s first Yuletide. (we got a bigger tree that year) Bronwyn calls it the “Cherry basket”. It was part of the conversation this year – There are no cherries – only red beads. Or cranberries. LoL

When I told Barry last night, as we were cleaning up, that this was one of my favorite things of the season. He replied it was because I like to sew. I told him: No. Its because we do it as a family and we spend time together. He just shrugged. He didn’t understand, as usual.

But for me it was nice to sit there in the living room, with mugs of hot chocolate, and holiday music on the TV, just listening to the children sharing their lives, with one another, while poking needles through pieces of popcorn. Rebecca and Daphne actually talking about their friends and school together, without competition or arguement. Bronwyn helping to find just the right piece of popcorn for her string, while discarding several into her mouth – that weren’t that good. Barry showing his son how to carefully poke the popcorn without poking his finger – wihtou the frustration that he usually has over teaching. Me, just enjoying watching them all, listening to them, and juicing up on the experience. A time for us to simply be together as a family – sharing – without bickering, arguing, or fighting.

I would like to think that years from now when my children are setting up their own holiday traditions, with their own families, that one of them might say to her husband / his wife – I can remember when we would string popcorn together for our tree garland.

I would hope that they remember it with the same joy and happiness that I get from it now.

Happy Love Day to all of ya’ll.

I was blessed to have the day free of responsibilities…. ok, well as much as having to keep 4 children safe, fed, clothed and happy – free of responsibilites.

So while Barry slept *poor guy is at work tonight*…  I watched PBS, “A Story of India”, which is really facinating and I highly recommend seeing.  I used my time to also focus on my beading.

So here is what I got done today…  check out my other journal page regarding my crafting / beading / quilting. Beading / Quilting Page


A day of favorite things.  Football / 7 layered dip / meatballs / rum punch / my hunny / and even beading.  I think the only way it could get better is to have my children enjoy football as much as me.  🙂

Barry and I have decided to make it more interesting for him this season. We will go over the scheduled games for the day and each make a ‘pick’ for who will win each game. We can agree on most of them ~ but we each have to at least ‘disagree’ on 3 of them.

Depending on who picks the most ‘wins’ ~ well, let’s just say that she/he wins for the rest of the evening. Now the winner can choose whatever they want for a prize from the looser. Even if it means that the looser has to take out all of the recycling for the next week… only up until the next Saturday.

OH AND we can’t have an even number of disagreements ~ then we could possibly ‘tie’ ~ and what fun would that be?