These are NOT my photos.  I could never take photos this good.
These are from one of the parents, at the school, who is an amazing artist.  And I am so grateful for his talents.

She's got spirit, yes she does. She's got spirit, how about you?

She’s got spirit, yes she does. She’s got spirit, how about you?

My beautiful baby girl.

My beautiful baby girl.

2015 - 2016 Cheer Team.

2015 – 2016 Cheer Team.

Doing what she loves to do.

Doing what she loves to do.

Getting to do this with one of her oldest and closest friends. Icing.

Getting to do this with one of her oldest and closest friends. Icing.

Being part of this group, she's found her niche.

Being part of this group, she’s found her niche.

When I was growing up there were no actual cheerleaders in my schools. Ever. We just didn’t have them. Not when I was in Jr. High, in Saudi because of the skimpiness of the outfits. Never would have been appropriate. Then at Willy we didn’t have them either, because every student was required to be on an actual sports team. Or find a suitable alternative, like volunteering at a local horse ranch; which was equally physically demanding. Ask me how I know. LoL

Thus for me all cheerleader-related knowledge was learned from TV and the movies. Not very realistic, to say the least. I held a notion that cheerleading was a cop-out for doing actual sports. That the girls who choose to do cheerleading were doing so, because they were not capable of the physical work of athletics. I was lead to believe that cheerleaders were ditzy. That was until Bronwyn came into my life – and as she grew up, desired to be a cheerleader.

I did all that I could to redirect her desires into more socially acceptable, actual sporting, real activities. I was fighting a force of nature. Needless to say, I did not win.

My youngest daughter was going to be a cheerleader. Period.

I thought that she would grow out of this along the way. Grow bored with it. Realize that it was just a fluffy alternative.


Here we are and my baby girl is on the high school cheer-leading squad.

And here I am being taught that every believe I held about cheer-leading and the girls who choose this, was wrong. Dead wrong.

Cheer-leading is an actual sport. A very physically demanding sport. These girls are as much athletes as the boys and girls that they cheer for, out on the football team. I watch as my daughter limps into a warm shower each night after practice, to ease her sore muscles. She uses all of them. I witness her deftly apply an ace bandage to her left ankle, each day before a game-night, because of the extra strain it takes, when she lifts her childhood playmate, up and over her head.

Did I say that these girls were ditsy? Oh I apologize now. Watching my the expression on Bronwyn’s face, I know that her brain is working over-time, when she is holding Abby up in the air. Concentrating and adjusting her body, to accommodate her teammate’s body, so as not to allow any harm to come to her. Also, these girls are required to maintain a 3.0 or better, to even participate. That’s above the 2.5 for other athletes. Their coach’s rules, not the school’s. These are the smartest girls you’ll meet in the school.

She has found her niche, my Baby Girl. And I’m so proud to watch her jumping, yelling, and encouraging her schoolmates, in their endeavors. On and Off, of the field. She is blossoming into a very out-going young lady, and it is because of her love for cheer-leading.

She’s come a long way from the little girl, who just stood on the sidelines, during the game.

She's come a long way from the little girl, who just stood on the sidelines, during the game.

She’s come a long way from the little girl, who just stood on the sidelines, during the game.

I really am not sure how to post this. I mean, my head understands that they are going to keep growing up. That really is the purpose of it all, right? Yet, my heart keeps wanting to make them slow-the-fuck-down, on this whole ‘growing up’ thing.
Today they went to the beach.


They knew that I had a client today in Cocoa Beach. They wanted to go to the beach. They wanted me to just give them a lift there and then go assist my client. They acted as if this were the most normal thing in the world to do.


My Baby Girls.... all growing up and shit.

My Baby Girls…. all growing up and shit.

So I can take videos with my new phone. 🙂

Which is a good thing, because there are no words to describe how very proud of Bronwyn I am. Or to show you how amazing she is, as a cheerleader. So this video of her first cheer, at her first game, of her last year at the middle school will have to be enough.

This evening I took my yearly First Day of School, photo of my kids.

Its the last year that I will have all 4 of them standing up there.

Rebecca is a senior this year… I just sit here in complete shock that she could really be a SENIOR.

Where the hell did all those years go?

Last time with all 4 of my babies....  sniff sniff

Last time with all 4 of my babies…. sniff sniff

So a few weeks ago it was my birthday. Which is fine. It was a good birthday.

Bronwyn baked some cupcakes from scratch… just for me. 🙂 Awwwwww

Yes, there are 43 candles on them.

Yes, there are 43 candles on them.

But in the fun of the night – the table broke under the weight of all those candles.

Broke under the weight.

Broke under the weight.

So after some consulting with my brother Christopher, we came up with a game plan. I will never be able to use the leaf any more, but the table will be salvaged. Which is good, because I love the design along the sides, with the inlaid ironwork.

Prepped and Ready.

Prepped and Ready.

Learning to use wood glue.

Learning to use wood glue.

Hey after all she can do this. She’s good with a screwdriver and a ratchet set. She isn’t too bad with the hammer, but we have to work on her drill technique.

Time to reinforce with some screws.

Time to reinforce with some screws.

Improvising, since I couldn't get Chris to send me his clamps.

Improvising, since I couldn’t get Chris to send me his clamps.

All done...  Not a bad job.

All done… Not a bad job.


Two (2) of my beautiful daughters. So today was one of those rare days when the stars just aligned. Timing of things just happened in the way that it needed too. Rebecca, Bronwyn and I managed to make a day of shopping fun. Yes, the dreaded “S” word. I shopped. In more than one place even.

We started out with breakfast at Lisa’s. Which is always a good way to start the day. Especially one that has shopping in it. LoL

I know that the girls may not have noticed it, but I found that the best part of the day, was spending time together. Happily. Sharing. Communicating. Oh the things that we shared and talked about. That is what really sets my heart all aflame. *sigh*

Normally, I would have plotted and planned out such a day. I would have worried about the I just flowed from moment to moment and it was a beautiful flow.

Dear Bronwyn,

My sweet youngest daughter. So brave and so full of fire. You’re turning your world upside-down and striving to find your place here in our family, and in your circle of friends, and the world. You faced adversity this year, in learning some pretty hard lessons. But you managed them with a grace that speaks to the age of your soul.

When you didn’t make the cheerleading squad this year, you took the time you needed and honored your feelings of disappointment. Yet you never lashed out at anyone else, or blamed anyone else for the situation. You even took responsibility for the decision, knowing that because you hadn’t been there competing along side the other girls in the football season, you were not as honed up as they were.

Your sisters, and you, did a lot of soul searching and growing up this year; coming to terms with the divorce of your parents. It broke my heart to watch you making some pretty difficult choices. Trying to find that balance between hating the situation, and loving both your dad and me. Not to mention, truly understanding the reasons of why we chose this path for our family, and accepting the truths of the situation.

I love you my darling. So I won’t even go into a whole bunch of details on your blossoming into a woman. With all of its challenges and responsibilities. Just know that I am so grateful that you chose me to be born too. That you allowed my body to be the vessel to usher you into this world. That you allow me to guide your growing up, as you choose your own path of beauty to walk.

Thank you for choosing to be born.
My love and blessings upon you, as you’ve blessed me.

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