Well that was the oddest lunch EVER RECORDED!

So yesterday I got a call from Deanna and Stewart, one of the couples that I met at Anastasia’s house on Saturday night at her bonfire. I didn’t know anyone there that night, almost everyone of them was someone new. There was one gal who said that she recognized me from when I worked at Wal-Mart, but I don’t know her, you know what I mean? Anyhoo, Ana decided that I needed new friends, and introduced me to well everyone! No biggie. It was nice to meet them all. To play cards with so many different couples. There was 2 table going actually. So I played lots of cards with lots of different people, Deanna and Stewart being some of them.

Deanna and Stewart got my number from Ana and called me up. They had drunk toooo much Saturday night and stayed over. No biggie. Actually give them kudos for that decision. They were driving back to Apopka and passing through Mt. Dora, remembered my mentioning I had a fondness for sushi, and could I meet them for lunch. I was a bit flabbergasted, but after talking to a friend, who thought it was sweet, I agreed. Why not?, he said. You love sushi. You want to be social. Go do it.

So I went. And the sushi was great. And I was having a great time with them. Talking about just stuff, like what they do and their kids, they have 2, to my 4. How they met. Its so romantic how he was always touching her back, or arm, and how she said that he still gave her butterflies when he walks into a room. *sigh* About my divorce from Barry. I tried to make sure that I wasn’t always putting him in the most negative light. I do want to be more positive about some of his better qualities.

Then they dropped a bombshell on my ass. I mean a really big one. They asked me out on a date. Yeah! A date, as in ‘you-know-what’. They found me really pretty and wanted to know if I would agree to see them in a more private way. With the 2 of them together. *shocked*

I have heard of swingers. I have even met one or two. But never in my life have I been propositioned like this. So very blatantly. So very matter of fact. She blew me away with her boldness, and the way she put things. He was laughing at my response.

I was really flabbergasted. Actually speechless.

I have had one hell of a weekend that’s for sure. I love socializing, but it has really changed in 20 years. I’m not sure that I’m cut out for this.

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