Welcome to RJ’s world.

Updated:  Baseball – his best friend, Danny – Swimming and body surfing  – and books.  He’s still a book-oholic.  Could be worse things to be addicted too… LOL

Right now his favorite things are his blanket ~ the one that Rebecca recieved at birth. (I never throw anything away, good thing.) His Baby Tad toy for sleeping and books. 

Man watch out if you are sitting down ~ sometimes when you are standing  up too ~ out comes RJ padding down the hall with books (yes bookS) in hand.  He will shove them in your hands ~ tell you to sit down ~ and then climb up on your lap.  No asking ~ just assuming that you will. 🙂

But he is definitely ALL boy and he is all DADDY’s boy too. 

Spring 2012:
Funny how life just keeps getting better and better huh? Russell is such a little man… yet despite his very male/ very testosterone/ very strong maleness – he is gentle and caring and ohhh sooo tender.
I had noticed something particular about him last summer, when a friend of ours was trying to encourage him to give her a hug and a kiss. Being his stubborn, very Alpha male, he refused. Becoming more combative, the more that she pushed the issue.
I didn’t want a boy who wouldn’t be able to show affection. So I watched him for those moments when he would allow affection. When he would show it to those around him. When it would come out. I noticed that he is a ‘patter’. He likes when I would give him a pat on the head, with my hand. Especially on his back.
There were times when I would pat him, that he would imitate me. So I started to really encourge him with his patting.
Now my little RJ gives out ‘pats’ when he wants to show his affections.
I’m so grateful to Jody for helping me to help my little man.

31 July 2011:
I thought I would update the children’s pages… sort of like using this journal as my own ‘baby book’ of sorts. One thing is the ‘song’ that I relate to each child. Its a song that means a great deal to me about either the moment they were born – or my pregnancy – or those first few days.

Russell’s song was and is special to me. Hearing it during his pregnancy didn’t effect me at all. Actually it irritated me. But hearing it after his birth into the world gave the lyrics a whole new meaning. His coming into the world was a healing to my ‘broken soul of pregnancy and motherhood’. He gave me answers to some of my toughest questions.

23 August 2010:
My little baby started Kindergarten today. At 7:09 this morning he was dressed / hair combed / teeth brushed / shoes on the correct feet / matching socks / backpack ready ~ and then baulked when I told him that he would have to wait an hour for school to open up.
He was pissed off that it took so long for the annual 1st Day of School photos in the front door. He just wanted to “Go Already”!

21 March 2010
Saturday ~ Happy Ostara ~ Spring Equinox

The Power of Pancakes.

It was Rebecca’s idea to have pancakes. Daphne’s idea to make a double batch. Thank the goddess, cause RJ ate a half of batch BY himself! He ate twice as much as me… or either of his sisters. Can you say ‘growth spurt’ in progress?

Today Daphne is a cool meadow brooke… bubbling with laughter and creating a sing-songy day for her little brother. Being his co-hort in adventure.

It’s days like this that I live for!

RJ is in pre-kindergarten now. He is 4 years old and still all about the daddy and all about dirt and cars. He still loves his frogs, and still carries around his green blanket, with the many holes lovingly sewn back together by your’s truly.
Last week, on Tuesday, he was in his first concert. He and his class sang a variety of winter holidays songs. His voice was loud and clear. He even had a mini-solo by playing the cymbols. He was great.
Now if I could get him NOT to crash his collection of little matchbox cars into each other all of the time. LOL

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