Welcome to Rebecca’s world.  A world filled with teddy bears, cheerleading, singing, dancing, art, and the color pink.

Update:  She is more than likely to be found with her fingers wrapped around the buttons of her cell phone than anything else these days.  Sometimes its hard to get her attention when she is going a million miles a minute for the things she is interested in – especially her school activities.  High School really does agree with her.  She is blossoming.

Spring 2012:
Rebecca’s love of baking has really turned into a full time habit. She is almost always in the kitchen. When she isn’t outside practicing her moves for Color Guard.
She really enjoyed being on the team this year; and will be doing it again next year. Being part of a team, getting to work on her body image, the hair, the make up, the glitter. And the performing.

31 July 2011:
I thought I would update the children’s pages… sort of like using this journal as my own ‘baby book’ of sorts. One thing is the ‘song’ that I relate to each child. Its a song that means a great deal to me about either the moment they were born – or my pregnancy – or those first few days.

This is Rebecca’s. It is the 1st song that played on the radio when she had been born. The midwife’s had cleaned us all up. She was nursing in the bed with me. Barry turned on the radio. This is the song that played. It truely fit the mood of how I felt. Rebecca and Motherhood, the gift that she gave me, is the River that I’ll sail until it runs dry.

8 June 2011:

My Baby – is graduating from the 8th grade and Middle School today…. *biggest sigh heard around the world*)

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of Rebecca ~ she is now 12 years old and really coming into her own view of the world around her. 

When I think of Rebecca ~ I realize that she gave me the last job I will ever hold ~ Momma.


18 July 2010:
My baby became a woman today. See my journal page * * I am the most blessed woman to be able to watch this woman taking shape right before my very eyes.

February 2010:
13 years.
Really? Soon it will be boys and makeup. Dates and Decisions. Ok. So maybe the make up thing is already happening but I can hope that the other 3 will be wait a little bit longer.
I see your love of reading growing. Watching you pick and choose books and then enjoying the fun that they can bring you. I already see you picking and choosing your friends these days with care over what kinds of values and attitudes that they have. May they always bring you good ones.
This past year I watched you become responsible for your brother, in more adult ways. Showing me how you care for him, how wonderful a mother you will make one day.

21 December 2010:
Happy Winter Solistice my little girl. I hope that this year will be a bright joy in your life experience. I loved having your friends join us and our night long celebration. I love seeing how open you can be with your friends. And how accepting they are of you. I hope that it is always that way for you.

7 October 2009:
Rebecca completed her first Cross Country Track meet today. I am so proud of her for following through on this enormous task. She is a strong young girl who found the endurance to complete the race.

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