Welcome to Daphne’s world. 

Update:  While she may no longer care too much for Justin, she is very much into her music.   She will sing along to the lyrics, so long as nobody is watching her do it.  LoL  There’s so much going on in her brain, in her soul, she will amaze you if you just sit and listen.

Filled with butterflies, any sport you can think of, Justin Beavers, and the color purple.

So while Daphne may have been my first surprise ~ she has definately taught me many lessons about sports.  Always try again ~ be the bigger person ~ and always know that winning isn’t everything.  Not to mention the rules for bowling, softball, basketball, soccer, and swimming team races ~ all in one (1) year ~ my poor brain.  😉

Spring 2012:
Its been nearly a year now, and Daphne is still grieving for her friend, Taylor. There have been promises made by her and her momma, to send Taylor down for a visit, but nothing concrete. She misses her terribly, and is trying to find a replacement. For that closeness she and Taylor shared.
I wish that I could solve it for her. I just hold her when the tears come, and help her to smile when they’ve all been shed for the moment.

23 April 2012:
It is just wonderful to watch her growing. My darling little miracle baby. Not so little any more, out pacing me in height by a good 2 inches, and growing. (smile)
I have to brag about her – what good mother wouldn’t brag, right?
She has always reminded me of the sea – and the class assignment that she brought home on Friday is just another example of why. I have attached it to a journal page here: <a href=”https://maysbls.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/i-am-poem-by-daphne-mae/” title=”“I Am” Poem (: – by Daphne Mae” target=”_blank”></a>

31 July 2011:
I thought I would update the children’s pages… sort of like using this journal as my own ‘baby book’ of sorts. One thing is the ‘song’ that I relate to each child. Its a song that means a great deal to me about either the moment they were born – or my pregnancy – or those first few days.

Daphne’s song was one that drew me during her pregnancy. It was just the ‘two of us’ so many nights. Her barely kicking me – my feeling her spirit so very strongly. She was more attached to me while in the womb than any other. Its probably what saved both our lives.

28 August 2010:
Ok, so maybe the world is now full of Justin Bieber and not butterflies. But sports are still very much a part of her life. We just completed bowling for the summer and she is choosing between volleyball and softball for the fall.
She has been granted the 8th grade course in math this year; as a 7th grader. And also been given the chance to participate in the yearbook. Go D.

24 April 2010:

There are lots more things to say about my 2nd child. I am thinking of putting up links when one of them are mentioned primarily in my stories… maybe not. That is alot of work.

But here is a funny story that just happened today about my Daphne Mae.

The conversation out my window between Daphne and Mathew (next door friend and playmate since they were 2 y/o).
D- “But I don’t want to ride the girl bike.”
M- “You have to, you’re a girl.”
“So, I want to ride the boy bike.”
“Fine, I will ride this one.”
“Race you.” …
M- “I let you win.”
D- “You did not.”
“Did too, you’re a girl.”
“Yeah, but I still beat your butt. Wanna race again?”

21 March 2010
Saturday ~ Happy Ostara ~ Spring Equinox

The Power of Pancakes.

Daphne is really great with her younger siblings ~ when she is in the mood to be.

She is my water baby. She can express every emotion under the sun ~ in less than 60 seconds. Think of an ocean, the depth, the vastness that is available. How it can look so peaceful on the surface, and be churning a horrid death beneath it’s waves. She is fun loving like the sandy white beaches, and can cut you with a look or word, like a sudden storm.

Today she is a cool meadow brooke… bubbling with laughter and creating a sing-songy day for her little brother. Being his co-hort in adventure.

It’s days like this that I live for!

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