Welcome to the world of Bronwyn…

Update:  Well she is a girl… so its more Pink than Yellow these days.  And hair .. nails… dresses… accessories…  She wants to grow up to be a Princess.  My friend, Jackie, teases that when she is ready to marry, she will match her up with a nice Jewish doctor… LoL

filled with ducks and the color yellow. Not to mention Little Ponies / Barbies / all things Girly.  

Spring 2012:
Barry and I finally had to lay down the law in the last couple of months. We never see Bronwyn any more. So she is restricted to having just 1 sleep-over per weekend.
We want to see her spending time with us, being a part of the family, and in general bonding with us as much as she bonds with her girlfriends, Katie and Abigail. And Cecilia. And Teya. And Hailey. And. And. And….
She isn’t very happy with us.
She graduates from the elementary school this year – *sigh*

31 July 2011:
I thought I would update the children’s pages… sort of like using this journal as my own ‘baby book’ of sorts. One thing is the ‘song’ that I relate to each child. Its a song that means a great deal to me about either the moment they were born – or my pregnancy – or those first few days.

This is the song that took the longest to really identify with. My pregnancy had such a ‘detachement’ to it that everything took longer with Bronwyn. But now that bond is strong and sweet. Like my baby girl.

21 August 2010:
Took the family to one of the local the springs today. Bronwyn was the one setting out all of the towels to create a ‘bed’ for her to lay upon. Fingers in her mouth and all. Yes still the Pretty Pretty Princess.

22 November 2009

Went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, to celebrate her BFF’s birthday.

 15 June 2009:

Lost her 3rd tooth today.  Paitently waiting for the Tooth Fairy to bring her some monies.  Which will burn a hole in her pocket until we take her down to Wally World for her to spend them.

 13 August 2009 ~

Starting 3rd grade in just 12 days…  she is growing up so fast.   Even though there are still moments when she is still my baby girl.

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