Here are my wonderful children.   I am bragging, because they are the most wonderful people on the earth.  No kidding… really.


Mommy n Daughter day with my baby girl: Bronwyn Lee. Breakfast at the NY diner and then manicures.

Daphne’s new “grown-up” hair cut.
Old style ~

New style ~

Yes ~ it has been a couple of weeks now. It is finally growing on me. My baby girl.

Well it has been a long time since I updated this page! Oh my, even my little blinkie at the top is all wrong. My darling RJ is nearly 4 years old now. Rebecca is definately coming into her own as a young woman. Daphne is still teetering between woman / child. Bronwyn is just growing and changing.

I know I know I know ~ it has been a long time. But my camera was having surgery… 😦

Here is the cutest guy in the world. Enjoy.



From their Opening Game Day: Wait I can't suck my fingers....

Now I can get the ball....

Wait… I can’t suck my fingers now…                                           Now I can get that ball!

Go Daphne!!! Go Daphne!!! Score Daphne Score!!!

R & D - Opening Day Game 

Rebecca and Daphne ~ “The Red Heat”


Here are some of the cute shots from the beach trip yesterday. Bronwyn on the beach playground.

Bronwyn on the beach playground. New Symerna Beach, Florida.
Daphne in the sand

Rebecca on the playground.

 Daphne in the sand.

Rebecca on the playground, horsing around.

We had to wait to go down to the beach as the tide was high and there was  no way to drive along the shore.  Which is something that we really appreciate being able to do with so many childen and alll of their stuff.


Happy birthday my dear peanut.  I just can’t believe that you are already nine (9) years old.  So full of laughter and comedy when you enter a room.  So full of generosity and love when you interact with others.  So full of peace and tranquilty when you sleep.  I love you Daphne Mae… just for you being you.


So my oldest daughter, Rebecca, has recently switched from doing Tae Kwan Do (which she did for 2 years earning a blue belt) to cheerleading.  She is a slender, sweet natured girl who does not enjoy sports that require someone keeping score.  She likes the running, jumping, activity of sports — just not the idea of someone loosing/winning.  So finding things for her to do — to work her body — to build some muscle on her frame — has been interesting. 

She really enjoyed her days at the Family Martial Arts Center where she developed a good outlook on her body, her being and what she could accomplish if she put her mind to it.  To Master Wayne I am thankful that you and your staff spent so much time with her in these last two (2) years.

Rebecca at the Billy Joel concert. 2-2007.


Here is a photo of my elder two (2) daughters, Rebecca and Daphne, in their flower girl dresses.  February 2006.

Rebecca and Daphne - February 2006.


Happy Birthday Bronwyn… you little duckie you.  How exciting to be six (6) ~ reading your own books ~ riding your bike withOUT the training wheels.  I love you… Mommy.


Here is a photo of my son, Russell.  Although we call him RJ for short in my journals.  January 2007. 

RJ - January 2007.

And here is one of Bronwyn from just last week.

Bronwyn - February 2007.


Happy Birthday my dear Rebecca.  Today you are 10 years old!  I am so grateful to have you walking around on this earth, and that I am your mother.  Thank you for being.

2 Responses to “Braggin bout the chillins….”

  1. kimjimbo Says:

    You have some beautiful (and handsome – RJ) children! Love Bronwyn’s smile!

  2. Marcella Says:

    Thank you so much for the compliment. It is all a tribute to my darling husband’s good looks.

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